(start kicking)

I am interested in the city when it overlaps.  In those moments, looking rests in no particular spot.  Possibilities exist in space that is carved out of the in-between.  It suggests interior activity.  One is reminded of both the body and the self.  Materials have life and seem to speak.  I walk and look and feel that in this moment, I could live just about anywhere.  I’d take the time to describe the place after choosing it, and it would begin to describe me in a way that was similar.  Experience and information would be absorbed, transferred, and constantly given back.  Layers have been added, connections drawn in the air.  I call it visual density, but it only looks that way from one spot.  I walk all over, in sneakers, looking for it.

-bridget a. purcell


2 thoughts on “(start kicking)

  1. beccazee says:

    Hey Bridget, I really like your idea of overlapping, and for some reason I really like the colors in your photos. When I read what you said about overlapping, I immediately thought of this photo slideshow thing. If you click on the photo, you get the slideshow and it has some really great images. I’m not sure if you want to focus on St. Louis, but here is another angle on overlapping: http://www.good.is/post/spectacular-interactive-photo-feature-showcases-slums-around-the-world/

  2. wow – great suggestion becca. thanks so much for posting it. looking at these photos was an intense experience, but i’m really glad i saw them. they offer viewers a lot of material to consider. at this point i’m still not sure if i want to focus on st. louis only. so far it has provided me with lots of initial inspiration that i usually end up taking to some other place. i appreciate these images because they contain information that needs to be communicated- without the posted photographs, it’s probable that the stories would continue to be untold. i think it’s important to think about that in terms of one’s own art practice. you ask yourself if something needs to be made, why you feel that urgency, and what will happen when you do make it. what can it do and what does it do. lots to think about, but that’s not a bad place to be. thanks again for the comment!

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