Public and Private is a state of mind

When I look at photos from my trips abroad, I notice that of the thousands of images I captured to refresh my memory in later years, there are not so much buildings and monuments, but moments and people.  For what is a city, but a large number of people who live and work in a contained space (whether this container is marked physically or just mentally is to be seen).  The citizens walk, run, congregate, etc… and these movements or non movements happen over and over, patterns are created, and thus the physical city begins to emerge as it forms around the patterns of its’ people.


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  1. Hey, Annette. I was thinking more about the test prints you did that I saw on Thursday. I was thinking that the drawing style was very dreamlike and sketchy, contrasted with the the starkness of the graphic halftone. In your writing, you use a these verbs: congregate and emerge. I wonder what the the people in your pictures are thinking, and how they might mentally mark their environment and what that would look like. It could be that there is a way to visually illustrate the peoples’ private moments as a kind of dream written on the actual landscape. It made me think of movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind, or the Science of Sleep.

  2. beccazee says:

    I really like the idea that the city is really made up of its people and that it forms around its people. Also, it would be cool to incorporate the starkness versus the dreamlike state and you could maybe use this to contrast the more human-like nature (changing, flawed, subjective) with the hard building structures.

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