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the other side of that good looking silo
shadowed bridge
flight on the bridge
A good looking silo

I’m interested in the massive industrial structures around the city that were built in a time where they were believed to be able to establish institutional power, symbolize progress, and inspire awe. These structures that have survive don’t arouse the same kind of feeling anymore, nontheless they still make up a big part of the cityscape, whether or not crumbled down as wastelands or serve new purposes in the city’s effor to regenerate.


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  1. Hsuan, for some reason I thought about Rob Swainston when I was reading your post. He did a very active project where he was making large woodcuts/silkscreens and rearranging them for a performative/theatrical installation. The acts of reformation and reconfiguration seem to me like they might be great methods for communicating the transitions you mention in your post. Check out the work here:

  2. beccazee says:

    Wow, you could probably do so much with the idea of the bricks crumbling and falling such a long way from the top of the building. I think its so interesting how you can see the organized structure that they once were, because of the layers of bricks still in their place, but then you see the chaos it becomes when they fall like that. It seems like you can create that kind of feeling in your prints.

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