I am interested in how windows function as a divide between public and private spaces.  While they form a physical barrier, they are transparent, creating a relationship between the viewer and the viewed.  They also have a reflective quality that splits a scene into layers (objects behind the glass, the glass, and objects in front of the glass) but can be seen as one image.  This tension between the physical and the visual is something I hope to explore further as we think about public vs. private.


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  1. Hey, Kelsey – we haven’t met yet regarding your project. I am interested in your ideas about windows as barriers. I would like you to email me with a brief description of what you are working on so far so I can give you some feedback about this idea and your project in general.

  2. windows make me think of edward hopper. his paintings are representational, but they definitely evoke narratives. the window is often used as a device for separation and isolation. the relationship between his subjects and windows are suggestive, subtle, and meaningful. another good one is richard diebenkorn. most of his paintings seem to contain some strange inside-outside relationship… the figurative ones as well as the abstractions.

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