I have noticed aspects of human life that spill out into public spaces. Buildings are rigidly constructed to keep people in certain spaces, but inevitably, human life pours through the cracks and spills over into neighbors or common grounds.  There becomes a battle between human growth and living and the confines of structural space.  Like plants growing through the cracks in the concrete, people do this with the boundaries they are given.  In a city, people are anonymous in their own spaces, but the spilling out connects people by making inner lives public. There are certain housing projects that restrict use of balconies and other types of public spaces, so this continues the battle between built structures and human life, suppressing the “spilling over” that would otherwise happen.


One thought on “Kickstart

  1. Becca, that was a very eloquent description of what you are interested in for the first project period. As I read about your photos, I started to think that perhaps you could use different sizes of paper to create this effect of “spilling”. For example, scrolls of paper with imagery spilling out onto the floor, or perhaps piles? Think about how different materials and approaches to presenting your images could communicate the tension between “contained” and “spilling out”. Here are a few artists to check out: Swoon and Phoebe Washburn – and

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