Kickstart Streetart


While considering the public aspects of St. Louis I took these pictures as I continuously walked around, which explains for their blurry qualities. Afterwards I viewed the pictures from my walk and realized that there was a common theme of vandalism and street art. I was attracted to the guerilla art of spray painted words, obscure stickers, and a broken sign. I found that this petty vandalism shows a human’s impact on public space, while contributing to the city with a sense of irony and humor.

-Dara Katzenstein





2 thoughts on “Kickstart Streetart

  1. Hi Dara. I’m enjoying the fast pace of these photos. The street art made me think of two artists I think you should check out: Ryan McGuiness and Barry MacGee. I think you should think about the style of text in graffiti and consider how it might influence your own work and maybe even be coopted into it!

  2. beccazee says:

    Hey Dara, I like your pictures and I feel like you can do a lot with the idea that graffiti and stickers are a layer on top of what is “supposed” to be there and you can mimic it in your prints by making it a layer or something thats like an addition to something that might seem more permanent or something that came first.

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