As a photographer, whenever I arrive to a new place, a new city, I fill like I need to start working from a femilar place in order for everything to make sense. While being here, in this “paralel universe”, out of my country, and out of my comfort zone, the most familiar thing to me was to look for the nature areas in the built environment, and investigate them as a kickstart before I dive to any sort of ‘deep waters’. I could not ignore the human ‘interventions’, or ‘blockages’ wherever I went to shoot, so gradually they turned out to be my main focus. You can’t really find a natural and untouched piece of landscape in the city area, however close it may be.

Meytar Moran.


3 thoughts on “kickstart

  1. I think the description of the places where the built environment meets nature as blockages is very interesting. In the city, it would appear that we have to “intervene” on sprawl and development to preserve public places of natural beauty for all to enjoy. So, it follows that in your words, you really can’t find an untouched piece of landscape. As I looked at your photos, I was reminded of Richard Prince’s “upstate” series: I think you should check them out. And keep taking photos-the idea of interventions/blockages and the form they take (and whether this is beautiful or a blemish on the landscape) is a good direction to head in.

  2. your aesthetic and even some of your forms hardcore remind me of the painter luc tuymans (i don’t know if you’ve heard of him ? go here : – the painting “within” especially !) i think you told me before that you work primarily as a photographer, but it could be fun for you to look at painters too. it’s always great to look at how various people interpret and play with space. could also give you ideas about how you want your finished photos to look… what gets emphasized, what gets obscured, what gets taken out.

  3. meytar says:

    Angela and Bridget, thanks for your in-depth comments! I checked out both of the artists, didn’t hear about them before. Richard Prince seems very interesting, I could see why you referenced me to him. It looks like he has a lot of emphasis on color manipulations, using it as a tool for adding a certain atmosphere to his photos.
    And Bridget- I agree, I think it’s important for an artist to look at works of art from different mediums, and also to keep your mind open for trying new things (hey- thats why I’m also taking printmaking :)). And also- that painting you mentioned “within” does remind some of my photos, though the subjects he’s dealing with are quite different.

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