Little Gems

I think of the objects and marks in these images as characters.  Left behind by a stranger, weighed down by the rain, held up by the structures they occupy, worn on their surfaces, barely hanging in their spaces, or on their grounds… These characters read, to me, like small hidden artifacts or gems in transition. They are both integral to the larger idea of environment, yet at the same time, are affected by their own surrounding environment.  They age, disappear, or change shape or color at different rates.  By capturing them close-up, in photographs, their larger context becomes unknown, and a kind of discrete portrait remains.


One thought on “Little Gems

  1. I was looking up something else in relation to your post when I came across this: Please forgive the first paragraph, as it rambles a bit. Something that I have always valued about art making is the ability it can have at times, through simple moments, to allow us to somehow transcend the everyday, or perhaps find something beautiful in it. Hope this article is useful to you.

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