under the COVERS

A world of books…

My bubble inside a bubble…

When I read a book, I submerge myself another persons thoughts and beliefs…fiction or non-fiction…their imagination is the stepping stone for mine, as explore the world through another persons eyes, ears, mouth, feet…etc…

I can loose myself in their worlds quite easily, sit in a comfortable space and before I know it, I am turning on my lamp or turning off my alarm to wake up.  I enjoy this world so much, I try to partake in it anytime I can…while walking in-between classes, attending lectures, even riding a bike (though this is not recommended if one is off a school campus ).

This tent constructed from cut pages of books is my fort.  It speaks for me, about me, as well as shelters me in comfort and serenity.  The pages that surround me speak of my insecurity in public speaking but my confidence in the written word, my thoughts become strong and eloquent on paper.  I am not afraid in my fort of books, I am powerful.

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