2ND Project- A Memory wormhole

Being far away from home as an exchange student, I find that my family has a big role in being an anchor for me. Often I see St. louis as a parelel universe to my own familiar places and cities in Israel, which are so different, therefore I decided to create a ‘memory wormhole’ to my original “universe”. Because of the personal nature of the work, a distance between the viewer and the work was a necessity  to me, and it is reached by different element. My fort is created  as so one would have to lean forward and peak through a curtain in order to see what’s inside the long, rectangular shaped box. Another barrier, a transparent one, is located inside, in a form of a poem written in Hebrew, and which deals with the notion of anchoring. The images and videos that are projected into the box are those of my close  six family members, including myself, elegedly this is almost too personal, but the mosaic of the The images creates, so I think, an interesting view into a life of an unusual Israeli family, in which some of the family members are ultra- ortodox and some are not at all.  The sound that the viewer hears from the inside of the box is subtle, ment to get the viewers into the intimacy mode of the work.

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