yarn explanations and stills

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I began this project thinking about the fort project by thinking about mark making. The repercussions of the word and different forms marks could make, mark-making marks on the skin,

Marks we make to remind us,

Marks we make in the sand.

And then this some how went to the motion of mark making and density then to the idea of barriers.  Then I thought back to a project or simply a think I did about two years back, which involved me taking a roll of yarn and attaching it to points around my room, creating a sort of web. I was intrigued by why I did this because I didn’t know at the time why I did it or what it meant. My curiosity into subconscious action spurred me into looking into ways that I could represent and follow the pattern made by the subconscious. I also wanted to explore the ways that I could create space with mark-making thus my use of yarn became in a way, a 3d way to draw a line that would follow thought through space.  I really loved what everyone got out of my project and I learned a lot from it. I don’t think it has a conclusion so that’s why this excerpt doesn’t have one.

I learned so much about all of the different ways to represent a continuous action, a process and a product. I also learned the repercussions of doing an instillation in a personal and currently in use space (my bedroom) I couldn’t ever really escape from the yarn and yet while inside it I felt a bit safe… There is so much more that I learned from the documentation, and interaction with it that I could go on forever about. But most of it I haven’t really realized the significance of yet.


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