Programming ourselves to care

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Humanitarian and “save-the-world” type messages surround us in the form of repetitive, generalized language calling us to action. We are not evolutionarily programmed to think outside of our immediate surroundings to help others and preserve resources far away. Therefore, the repetition of these messages act as our artificial programming that we form for ourselves (or that these organizations, activist groups, etc. are forming). Slowly, the repetition of these phrases is programming our minds, our hearts, and our actions, either individually or as a collective community unit. If we are all programmed this way, to get these images into our minds an hearts, and if we’re all programmed to help each other and save resources, this is a utopian end.

My rule! Was to be optimistic – I made a decision not to say anything resembling a complaint for a whole day, once a week. Those days end up so much happier! It worked almost until the end of the project period…


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