White Flag Reflection

When we drove up to the building, I was impressed with the space. A simple rectangular building, not connected to any others. but the artwork on the outside suggested that it had something special to it. I thought the space itself was very engaging and it made me  want to go and look at all the pieces. I found all of the pieces exciting to look at, but we only had the titles in front of us, and no explanation other than that. My favorite visually was the one titled “Red Splash” although that is all the information I know about it. I couldn’t figure out what it was about just by looking – I wish the artist had been there to explain. My favorite piece was the one titled “A Catalogue of the Estate of Rochelle F.” I felt the emotions of destruction and nostalgia coming from the piece. I liked that there was a story written into the piece itself, but what seemed more effective than the actual words were the scrawl that they were written in. The handwriting itself added to the overall emotion of the piece. The piece that was most confusing to me were the simple drawings on graph paper, framed in a much larger frame than one would expect for such a drawing. Though I found the framing and the fact that the drawings were up in a gallery space interesting, I could not figure out what they were about and I wanted to know more.



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