M. Kressin Final Project

Project Prompt: Utopia / Dystopia

These two prints explore the idea of transparency, in form and in subject. We have the ability to retrieve mass amounts of information regarding political opinions, Government decisions and international news through print media, internet sources, and word of mouth. This work imagines a distopic world in which the Government allows information to be distributed in one, highly controlled form. In addition to being censored, the information presented is in no way relevant to what the government is actually involved in. The Government  edits and reuses past journalism to strategically distract the American citizens from the Government’s current actions and influences. The Government has successfully creeped into every aspect of our lives and we are to trust it completely. There is no other option, as individual opinions and election are things of the past.

Materials used in this project include recycled, collaged newspaper, ink, matte medium, plexi-glass & photocopies

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