M. Kressin White Flag Project Reflection

I have to agree with Becca’s commentary about the physical space within which the Day of the Locust exhibition was presented. The clean, modern gallery space allowed for the viewer to take in each piece individually. I was surprised by the the small amount of art that was displayed in the gallery, but I appreciated the restraint. This was the first time I had visited this type of exhibition and it was definitely an eye opening experience. The piece that I found most intriguing and was drawn to for the most amount of time was The Body Song by Jonathan Horowitz. I was very interested int he way the piece was presented. I viewed a lot of video pieces when I visited Venice for the 2011 Biennale, but many of them were projected onto large screens so many people could view them at once. The way the sound was projected through one pair of headphones created a sense of intimacy with the piece. This intimacy was strengthened by the size of the screen and the length of the cord connecting the headphones to the television. The subject of  the video appeared to be very complex and I almost felt entranced by the audio that accompanied it. After watching the video for a few minutes and I assumed that it was many clips spliced together. After talking to the woman working at the gallery I learned that it was actually Michael Jackson’s video presented backwards. This piece proved that a good concept, executed impeccably, can make a statement no matter how “simple” it may appear.


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