more successful narrative pieces

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The second group I saw as first a series of 4 pieces that had a narrative quality to them and that best displayed my intentions for them and were the most complex in their ideas and in their visuals. The adjoining part to the second group is a series of 7 pieces that also contain a narrative that I wanted to distort the fabric of my imagined cityscape.  With the idea being that a utopia and dystopia are not so different. The façade of a place alone can be used as its definition. This is, in a way reminiscent of post cards which typically show the best or the utopia of what a city has to offer, and in older post cards the images were just of things that the city possessed, nothing flashy but nothing harsh. However no one ever sends a post card that highlights the dystopian aspects of a city. Even though a city is made up of utopian and dystopian elements a like. No one ever sends you a post card of Venice that portrays it slowly sinking into the water. Even though that is no less true of an image and a fact as a bright colorful image of St Marco’s square in Venice.  So, ultimately I would like these more narrative pieces to evolve into a series of dramatized utopia and dystopia postcards.


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