reward for sleep

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“Reward for Work” is an illustration of a real dream. In the dream I was extremely tired but I didn’t have enough money to buy the hours of sleep I wanted. I decided to work really hard then and buy the sleep later when it’s on sale. I suffered a lot in the dream because I never achieved in earning enough money. I woke up and felt relieved and somehow lighthearted even though I had to go to work again. At least in my world, sleep is free.

I wanted to depict the scene as if it is excavated from another era, or a parallel world. The figures imitate the styles of Egyptian hieroglyphics and space recognizably stylized perspective depicting scenes of everyday life found in art history books. It is often hard to tell whether such a scene depicted is supposed to be a idealized image or, in our standard, a horrible life.

Rule: no sleeping for more than 5 hours at a time because I hadn’t earned it yet.


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