the triplets

Although it may not look it, I edited out about 7 pieces, and I no longer see them as a long continuous stream of images. That display does not do them credit and while I acknowledge that some are far more successful than others and that some needed to be edited out, they all were very instrumental in helping to create those that were successful. Also, they allowed me to explore in depth the concepts of this project through making. I think the process of multiples that the print making process of pronto plates encouraged me to really explore the print and try to evolve the print and expand upon my original ideas.

 I sorted one group into two single pieces, two diptychs, and two triptychs. The triptychs within this group represent more of the progression of complexity that has a some what logical progression despite the fact that the end result is nothing if not illogical and absurd.  Trying to make all of the members of societies ideas match up perfectly to form one cohesive idea of either a utopia or dystopia among a whole society of people is absolutely absurd.


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