The Onion Cellar

For this project, my aim was to create a visual narrative that explores the idea of the transgenerational haunting of history.  I examined how the utopian and dystopian models have existed in history and how utopian ideologies have been misused in war and politics to create dystopian outcomes.  I focused on the onion as a metaphor for how history is internalized and revised, thinking of the concentric rings of its shape as relating to the ripple effects of major historical shifts (such as WW2).  Additionally, I thought about the onion’s edibility, and the pungent characteristics of its raw state as being a metaphor for the awkward affect of history on the individual experience and psychology.

I embedded the onion as a figure into a fictional, painted space using the stop-motion technique to animate it.  The technique of stop-motion animation interests me because the resulting movement of the objects becomes awkward, nervous, and almost pathetic.  It can expand the interpretation of tragic narratives (or tones in the work) to becoming slightly comedic, uncanny, or satirical.  This interests me because tragedy, in reality, is multi-layered; riddled with pain and frustration, as well as laughter, and ineffable absurdity.


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