DisTOpIA of the Future or Today?


Individuality is the basis for many a Utopian scenario imagined and developed through text, illustration, and/or film over the decades. The belief in the freedom of choices affects the happiness/contentment of the masses.  But is a choice really a product of freedom…utopian ideals.  Clothing, accessories, technology use, political beliefs, religion, etc…are all presented with choices to be made by the citizen of today and 20 years down the line.  The choices are presented, and the average citizen picks.  The future is now, with technology allowing for even greater selection of mass produced items, creating a utopian bubble in certain societies, such as the United States.  Yet the very idea of choice limits the individuality people strive for.  Being given choices, whether ranging in the 100s or less then a dozen, just means that there is someone above the average citizen, creating the choice selection.  In mass consumerism, the designer magazines, tech companies, publishers, etc…become the dictators. The individual gives up their free will unconsciously to the companies, who box them in, and create limits where there once were none.  Along this train of though, Society as a whole is a dictator, creating a dystopia, or present day.  The individual is controlled by the ideologies of the masses, whether they be local or global feelings/beliefs.  To step out of the “norm” is to break apart from the mass “utopia.”

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