White Flag Projects

Our experience at White Flag Projects was interesting because we had no idea what to expect.  Becca, Mackenzie and I went on a Saturday morning so we were the only ones in the space besides the gallery attendant.  I appreciated having room to see the works at length, especially the installation by Rochelle Feinstein.  Like Becca, “A Catalogue of the Estate of Rochelle F.” was my favorite in the gallery.  The frames organized the bits of paper and ideas into a manageable arrangement and I liked how it felt like I was looking at remnants or artifacts of someone’s life.  Some of the other works were harder for me to get into, like Feinstein’s other piece “Happy Birthday x Rachel” and the Lee Lozano graphite drawings.  I would’ve liked to have heard more about those.  Overall, I enjoyed our trip and am glad to be on the mailing list for future shows.


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